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Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

The Wisconsin auto bill of sale contract is a document that transfers the ownership of an automobile from a seller to a buyer. In case of disagreements or claims of ownership, a well-drafted car bill of sale can serve as crucial evidence to resolve conflicts.

This form safeguards the interests of both the buyer and the seller by providing a verifiable record of the sale and transfer of ownership, which is essential for legal and financial purposes. You are encouraged to create your document by using an example blank auto bill of sale.

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Is a Vehicle Bill of Sale Required in Wisconsin?

First, clarifying what exactly is understood under the so-called bill of sale form is crucial. For USA residents, the term "bill of Sale" refers to the official document supporting property transfer from one individual to another. This paper fixes the fact of the transfer and the rights of the new owner of an asset.

Such a form is usually used to support large purchases. A car is a clear example of a significant purchase that such a document should protect.

For different states of the USA, the laws concerning the necessity of the bill of sale for vehicles vary. In Wisconsin, there is no official obligation to sign such a paper when buying or selling a car. However, signing a bill is always a smart solution ó this guarantees your rights will not be violated.

If you plan to register your motor vehicle in Wisconsin, providing a bill of sale is not mandatory. However, some other documents are obligatory for this procedure, including the following:

  • Title certificate (with the signature of the ex-owner)

  • Driverís license

  • Insurance proof

  • A lien release (if applicable)

  • Proofs of paying the fees and required taxes

If you need more clarification about any aspect of the registration process, consider consulting with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation or a legal professional for guidance.

What to Include in the Wisconsin Vehicle Bill of Sale?

When creating a car bill of sale, some concrete points must be included. A bill of sale is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of the sale, providing a record of the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer. Here's what you should include to obtain a valid document:

  • Full legal names and addresses of the seller and buyer (optionally, you may add their phone numbers and emails)

  • Vehicle details (year, make, and model of the vehicle)

  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)

  • Odometer reading at the time of sale

  • The agreed-upon purchase price of the vehicle

  • Payment method used (cash, check, money order, etc.); indicate whether the payment will be made in full or if any installments are involved

  • The date when the sale is finalized and the bill of sale is signed

  • Signatures of the parties; If required by Wisconsin law, provide space for a notary public to acknowledge the signatures

The seller should disclose whether the vehicle is free from liens, loans, or other encumbrances. If there are any outstanding debts on the vehicle, this should be clearly stated.

You must also include any additional terms and conditions agreed upon by the buyer and the seller. This may be the vehicle's condition, the responsibilities of both parties regarding the title transfer, or any special arrangements.

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