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North Carolina Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

The North Carolina auto bill of sale contract is a document used to transfer the ownership of an automobile from a seller to a buyer.

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Is a Vehicle Bill of Sale Required in North Carolina?

Do you know what kind of document you should get from the seller when buying a car in North Carolina? This is the Auto Bill of Sale, a legal document that proves your purchase and shows the change in ownership of the vehicle. The form will be needed for personal reporting, and in some cases, it will be useful for registering a car.

Usually, this form is completed by the seller and transferred to the buyer, but sometimes a joint filling is required. The paper should list the details of the transaction, a description of the parties, and the car sold. All items on the form must be completed carefully and without errors.

Be sure to check that the document contains all the required elements:

  • Seller’s name, address, and contact

  • Buyer’s name, address, and contact

  • Vehicle’s make, model, body type, year, and VIN

  • Terms of sale

  • Date of sale

  • Signatures of both parties

In some cases, it is also recommended to obtain a notarization of the document. And don't forget to make some copies of the paper so you can freely use it for your purposes.

The form can be written in plain English and does not imply much legal jargon. The document should be simple and understandable for all parties to the transaction.

When Do You Need a Bill of Sale to Register a Car in North Carolina?

To register a car, you need to collect a whole package of documents, and it is not always the same. If you bought a car from a dealer, you will need:

  1. Bill of Sale

  2. Notarized Certificate of Title

  3. Title Application

  4. Odometer disclosure statement (if the car is less than ten years)

  5. Damage disclosure statement

If you buy from a private person, you will need other documents:

  1. Notarized Vehicle Title

  2. Lien release (if any)

  3. Title application

  4. Odometer disclosure statement (if the car is less than ten years)

  5. Damage disclosure statement

If you are not sure about the provision of a particular document, you can ask a question to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, Division of Motor Vehicles, or find information on their website.

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