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Delaware Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

The Delaware auto bill of sale contract is a legal form used to record the sale and transfer of motor vehicle ownership from a seller to a buyer. This document outlines the transaction details and ensures that the sale is conducted transparently and following Delaware law.

A properly executed and documented car bill of sale is advisable to protect both parties and facilitate the deal. An example blank auto bill of sale is available for previewing.

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Is a Vehicle Bill of Sale Required in Delaware?

In the state of Delaware, a person who wants to sell a motor vehicle is obliged to create a particular official document called an auto bill of sale. The form is passed to the buyer of the vehicle from the seller, and the filling out of the document is required in Delaware to meet the requirements set by state laws for the vehicle registration process.

While notarization during the operation is not mandatory, it is highly recommended that a bill of sale has the sign of the notary public. To register a motor vehicle in Delaware, if it is purchased from an individual seller entity, the period of the required registration process is 30 days.

When a car is bought from an official dealer, the process of registration is fully automatic. However, the deal and the entailed ownership transfer should be confirmed. The newcomers to the state are given 60 days to have their motor vehicles registered in Delaware.

According to state laws, the process of registration of a motor vehicle, be it acquired from an individual seller or a dealer, should include the fulfillment of a list of documents, including:

  • Motor vehicle bill of sale

  • Vehicle title

  • Driver's license

  • Proof of insurance

  • Vehicle inspection certificate

  • Odometer disclosure statement

  • Registration application

  • Registration fees, taxes, and any other applicable fees

How to Create a Delaware Car Bill of Sale?

A properly completed and notarized Delaware motor vehicle bill of sale is essential for protecting both the buyer's and the seller's interests. It helps establish the terms of the sale, the transfer of ownership, and other crucial details related to the vehicle transaction.

When creating the bill of sale form, you are recommended to verify the requirements and procedures with the Delaware DMV or legal professionals to ensure compliance with the latest regulations. However, the main steps of preparing the document are the following:

  • Obtain the Official Form: Visit the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website or a local DMV office to obtain the official vehicle bill of sale form.

  • Gather Information: Collect all the necessary information for the Bill of Sale, including buyer's and seller's information, vehicle details (make, purchase price), and date of sale.

  • Complete the Form: Fill out the bill of sale template accurately and completely, following the instructions to ensure all required fields are filled in.

  • Sign the Form: Both the buyer and the seller must sign the form. You may also notarize your document, as it will add an extra layer of authenticity and legal validity to the document.

If the vehicle is less than ten years old, completing the odometer disclosure section on the form is necessary. This includes providing the odometer reading at the time of sale. The parties are recommended to keep copies of the bill of sale along with other documents related to the vehicle transaction, such as the original title, proof of insurance, and any receipts.

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