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Vermont Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

The Vermont car bill of sale is essential for buyers and sellers, as it records the transfer of motor vehicle ownership.

It's crucial to include accurate and comprehensive information in the bill of sale form to ensure the legality of the transaction and to provide both parties with a clear record of the sale. Use an example blank auto bill of sale and our template to create a valid document.

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Is a Vehicle Bill of Sale Required in Vermont?

In Vermont, individuals have to create and complete specific legal papers if they are about to register a motor vehicle. The Vermont Bill of Sale for a Motor Vehicle is one of these papers, with which individuals can complete the vehicle transferring process within Vermont law. That is the document where vehicle purchasers register ownership over the exact motor vehicle. By creating and completing this paper, purchasers protect themselves from possible legal issues in the future.

Purchasers have to complete the vehicle bill of sale in plain language, avoiding adding archaic and legal jargon terms. Each party in the vehicle transferring process needs to have one copy of a paper (so they have proof they participated in the vehicle transferring procedure in Vermont).

These papers can be:

  • Vermont Registration Application

  • VIN verification

  • The property assigned title

  • Title Application (VD-119)

  • Taxes

You can find all the necessary data on the required documents at the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (Vermont DMV) website.

It is essential to add to the bill of sale for a motor vehicle the following parts:

  • Personal data of all vehicle transferring process participants

  • Detailed data on the vehicle being the main subject of the vehicle transferring process

  • Signatures of all participants in the process

Tips for Buyers and Sellers of a Vehicle in Vermont

Here are some tips for both buyers and sellers in the context of the Vermont motor vehicle bill of sale and vehicle transactions:

For sellers:

  • Provide Accurate Information: When filling out the form, ensure all information is accurate and complete.

  • Disclose Vehicle Condition: Be honest about the vehicle's condition, including any known defects or issues.

  • Specify Odometer Reading: Accurately record the vehicle's odometer reading on the bill of sale. This information is essential for both parties and may impact the vehicle's value.

  • Negotiate Payment: Discuss and agree upon the payment method with the buyer. Ensure the payment is secure before handing over the vehicle and the signed car bill of sale.

  • Remove License Plates: In Vermont, sellers should remove their license plates from the vehicle at the time of sale. The buyer will need to obtain their own plates.

  • Notify Insurance Company: Inform your insurance company about the sale of the vehicle to avoid any unnecessary coverage charges.

For buyers:

  • Research the Vehicle: Before finalizing the purchase, thoroughly research the vehicle. Check its history, including previous owners, accidents, and any liens on the title.

  • Inspect the Vehicle: Physically inspect the vehicle or have a trusted mechanic do so. Look for signs of wear and tear, mechanical issues, and other potential problems.

  • Ask for Documentation: Request the vehicle's maintenance records, title, and a completed Bill of Sale from the seller.

  • Verify Seller's Identity: Confirm the seller's identity to prevent potential fraud. Request a copy of their driver's license or other identification.

  • Obtain a Temporary Plate: In Vermont, the buyer may need a temporary plate before driving the vehicle. Check the state's specific requirements and regulations.

  • Complete the Transfer: After the purchase, ensure that the title transfer is completed with the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within a reasonable timeframe. This is crucial to establish ownership legally.

Both parties should review the terms of the vehicle bill of sale carefully and ensure all the necessary information is included, such as vehicle details, sale price, VIN, odometer reading, and signatures.

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