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Tennessee Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

The Tennessee auto bill of sale form is an essential legal instrument documenting the transaction details, including the vehicle's condition, parties' identifying information, and their signatures to confirm the ownership transfer.

Tennesse provides the official bill of sale form for motor vehicles so that you can prepare a valid document in the state and protect your rights. You are free to use an example blank auto bill of sale available for previewing.

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Is a Vehicle Bill of Sale Required in Tennessee?

Registration of a motor vehicle is a process that requires the collection of several legal papers from a new owner of the transport. Understanding which documents you should provide to register a vehicle is always challenging because of the differences in requirements between states. A bill of sale is one of the forms you can use to confirm the purchase, but it is not required for registration in most states.

For example, you do not need to give a bill of sale to register a motor vehicle in Tennessee. It is enough to provide a title for the transport with detailed information, including the year of production, color, model, and other vehicle features. However, you should keep a bill of sale as it is a legal document that can help you to overcome problems connected with ownership in case of conflicts. You should be confident that the vehicle bill of sale contains the following information:

  • Parties of the deal

  • Price of the transport

  • Date of the purchase

  • Description of the vehicle

Otherwise, the bill of sale will not be legally binding, and you cannot use it as proof of purchase.

Another peculiarity in the registration process is that there is no limitation on the period passed after purchase to do it. Check the requirements of your county, as there can be local limitations on this point.

How to Register a Vehicle in Tennessee?

Before starting the registration process, you must collect the necessary documents, including the following:

  • Official vehicle bill of sale (recommended)

  • Original title signed over to you (if purchased from a private seller)

  • Odometer Disclosure Statement or Form RV-F1317001 (if applicable)

  • Proof of identity (driver's license, state ID, or passport)

  • Proof of residency (utility bill, lease agreement, etc.)

  • Proof of insurance

Some counties in Tennessee may also require inspection and emissions testing for vehicles registered in those areas. So, you need to check if your county requires testing and complete it if necessary.

You must visit your local county clerk's office to complete the vehicle registration process. It's required to complete the Application for Certificate of Title or Form RV-F1310101. When the buyer cannot provide other proper documentation to obtain a title (e.g., bill of sale or original title), they will have to fill out Form RV-F1310401 (Certification of Ownership). All these forms are available at the county clerk's office or can be downloaded from the Tennessee Department of Revenue's website. After that, you must pay the necessary registration fees, including the vehicle registration fee, wheel tax (varies by county), and any applicable sales tax.

You will receive your vehicle registration and license plates once you've submitted all required documents and paid the fees.

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