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Oregon Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

The Oregon auto bill of sale contract transfers the ownership of an automobile from a seller to a buyer. This form is often required to transfer the vehicle's title and register it in the buyer's name. It provides the necessary information for the title transfer and ensures the buyer can legally operate the vehicle on public roads.

The purchase price mentioned in the bill of sale is often used to calculate sales tax or other taxes related to the transaction. It also provides documentation for financial matters, including loans or financing. Use our example blank auto bill of sale to get your document today.

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Is a Vehicle Bill of Sale Required in Oregon?

After the purchase of a motor vehicle, all owners should register their transport. All states have different requirements for the registration process and documents. Some allow registering a motor vehicle without a bill of sale, while others oblige people to provide this document. A bill of sale is a legal confirmation of the transfer of a vehicle from one person to another, and it is highly recommended to keep it in your records even if the state does not ask to show it for registration.

Oregon state laws allow buyers of motor vehicles to give at least one proof of car ownership. So, you can choose the title or vehicle bill of sale as one of the documents to register the car after the purchase. Bill of sale should include needed information about the purchase, vehicle, and both parties of exchange to be legally binding in Oregon.

Remember that you have limited terms to apply the documents for motor vehicle registration. Otherwise, you will be fined for the delay of registration. You have only ten days after the transfer of the vehicle from the seller to you to register it without punishment.

Even though a bill of sale is not required paper in Oregon for vehicle registration, it is a legal document that can help you solve issues connected to the transfer and ownership of the car. Be careful and check the correctness of the bill of sale before signing it to ensure its validity in the future.

How to Fill Out the Official Vehicle Bill of Sale (Form 735-501) in Oregon?

In Oregon, the DMV often requires a vehicle bill of sale form to transfer the vehicle's title and register it in the buyer's name. The form provides the necessary information to complete these processes smoothly. Here's a general guide on how to fill out the form:

  • Section 1. Describe the vehicle, indicating its plate number, year, make, VIN (vehicle identification number), and title number.

  • Section 2. Provide the buyer's details, including their name and address, and state the purchase date.

  • Section 3. Specify the seller's name; the seller must sign and date this section to certify the information provided.

Both parties must ensure all information is accurate and matches the vehicle title and other documents. Additionally, they should follow any updated instructions provided by the Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services for accurate and compliant completion of the vehicle bill of sale.

The official Oregon motor vehicle bill of sale (Form 735-501) provides legal protection, ensures compliance with state laws, and facilitates the smooth transfer of ownership and registration. It's a crucial tool for buyers and sellers to navigate the vehicle transaction process in Oregon.

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