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Colorado Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

The Colorado auto bill of sale contract is a document used to transfer the ownership of an automobile from a seller to a buyer.

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Is a Vehicle Bill of Sale Required in Colorado?

There is a document that acts as proof of the sale or exchange of the vehicle. This document is called a vehicle bill of sale, and it is widely used in Colorado. This is the official legal paper that you will need for personal reporting and registering a vehicle.

The document shows that the transaction was completed on terms that suit all parties (seller and buyer) and that the item passed into the new owner’s possession. A bill of sale provides good insurance against unscrupulous sellers. The main thing is to carefully check the document before signing it and keep a certified copy.

Bill of sale for a motor vehicle is one of the most common types of this document in Colorado and accompanies all car purchases. If you buy a car from a dealer, they usually prepare all the paperwork themselves. If the purchase was made from a private person, you could draw up the document together.

What Should Be Included in the Form?

Colorado law does not mandate the use of a specific legal language for this form. Everything can be straightforward. However, make sure your form includes all the necessary parts, namely:

  • Details of the buyer and seller, including names, addresses, and contact information (if a dealer is involved, the official company name is indicated)

  • Date of creation of the document and date of the transaction

  • Description of the vehicle, including model, type, VIN

  • Sale amount

  • Signatures of the parties

Colorado does not require notarization of the form, but you can still do it. Make out the document in several copies so that both the seller and the buyer have their copies.

Is This Form Required to Register a Car?

Yes, in Colorado, this form is required to register your vehicle.

If you bought a car at a dealership, they usually prepare a package of documents on their own and send it for registration. Otherwise, you need to complete this process yourself within 30 days of purchase.

Other documents that you will need to collect:

  • VIN verification (if the vehicle has the title of another state)

  • Title

  • Verifiable ID with photo

  • Proof of insurance

  • Proof of vehicle emissions

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