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Utah Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

The Utah auto bill of sale contract is a document used to transfer the ownership of an automobile from a seller to a buyer.

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Is a Vehicle Bill of Sale Required in Utah?

Buying a motor vehicle from a private party and not a dealer imposes paperwork on the buyer. When you buy a car or other transport from a dealer, this company prepares all the documents for registration and makes the process easier and faster for you. However, buyers have to care about the paper collection by themselves if the purchase is made between private parties. The vehicle bill of sale helps buyer and seller to declare their deal and make proof of ownership for legal processes.

Utah statutes do not require a bill of sale to register a motor vehicle, but this form can speed up the process of registration. The main document owners should provide to register a transport is a title. Bill of sale makes it easier for authorities to check the legality of vehicle ownership, and for this reason, buyers should save this record after a purchase. Besides, the bill of sale allows the buyer of the vehicle to confirm the ownership, and it can be beneficial in case of legal controversies.

You should prepare and check both documents title and bill of sale in advance because Utah laws oblige the seller to sign the bill of sale form within 48 hours after completion of the title. Otherwise, the documents can be considered invalid, or the future process of registration of a motor vehicle will take more time to finish. Also, the government can impose a fine on a buyer if he or she does not start registration of a vehicle within 60 days after the purchase.

Do not forget to renew your registration every year after the deal. You can choose the preferable way to do this online or offline.

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