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Ohio Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

The Ohio auto bill of sale contract is a legal record of the vehicle sale and transfer of ownership. It's crucial to ensure that all the document's information is accurate and complete to prevent future disputes.

While Ohio doesn't provide an official template, you can find various car bill of sale templates online. Feel free to use our template prepared by legal professionals.

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Is a Vehicle Bill of Sale Required in Ohio?

You have bought a car in Ohio, but how can you prove it is yours? Whether you bought from an authorized dealer or a private individual, you need the vehicle bill of sale. This document can be used for almost any major purchase and serve as proof of a change of ownership.

This form is widely used in personal records and to transfer legal ownership through a state agency in Ohio. We always recommend that you have several copies of this paper in your package of documents to use them for various purposes freely.

A car bill of sale is not mandatory for registering a car. However, you are highly recommended to have it.

You will need the following papers to register a motor vehicle in Ohio:

  • Assignment of the ownership portion (can be found on the back of an Ohio vehicle title)

  • Verification of odometer reading

  • Application for Certificate of Title to a Motor Vehicle

  • Driver’s license

  • VIN inspection

  • Car insurance

  • Odometer disclosure

  • Emissions and safety inspection (if applicable)

Once all the documentation is submitted and registration fees are paid, you will receive your Ohio license plates, registration sticker, and a new title certificate in your name. Vehicle registrations in Ohio are valid for one or two years. Ensure you renew your registration before it expires to avoid late fees or penalties.

Main Components of a Vehicle Bill of Sale in Ohio

Ohio does not have a unified form for the vehicle bill of sale, but still, it must include all the essential elements, such as the following:

  • Date of Sale: You must indicate the date when the transaction occurs.

  • Location of Sale: Provide the location where the sale takes place.

  • Parties' Details: Identify the buyer and seller, including their names and addresses. Remember to include the company's official name if buying from a dealer.

  • Payment Information: You need to specify the price and payment method (cash, trade-in, or gift).

  • Vehicle’s Description: Indicate the car's make, model, year, color, body type, odometer statement, and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

  • Warranty Information: Specify whether the seller provides any warranties or guarantees. This could include warranties on the vehicle's condition or fitness for a particular purpose.

  • Seller’s and Buyer’s Signatures: Both parties are required to sign the car bill of sale form.

  • Notary Acknowledgment: The signature of a notary public is not a must but is highly recommended.

Do not sign the document before you receive the car (if you are a buyer) or before you receive the money (if you are a seller). The signed bill of sale means the item has already passed to the new owner.

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